Aletraíika Village

Mei Lin

Aletraíika Village

The village is located near the well-known archaeological site of Olympia, the surrounding regions are believed to produce one of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world. Its sunny location, its ancient Greek olive trees, as well as its organic and undisturbed way of farming, all added together to produce oil with a pungent and woody taste. 


Mei Lin is based in Germany, Greece and China. She is inspired to promote regional culture and products globally.

She has gained BA on Liberal Arts and Sciences from Universität Freiburg, Germany in 2020, and she is currently studying MA Archaeology in National Uni Athens in Greece.

Ilias is based in Greece, he works on his organic olive fields in Aletraíika village, also he is an appliance mechanic based in Athens.

In his free time, he skis professionally.

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